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Chris 07-10-09 Feedback on dummy pack B+. Good - you can deliver a valuable project - do some serious analysis on how big the opportunity is cross-customer, map full sales process, bring in customer point of view. Chris 30-9-09 Feedback on interviews - the ones you have look good, but you need more. At least 2 customers, 3 internal. Are you mapping the sales process? This may take a couple of interviews and iterations. FEEDBACK ON PROPOSAL: Ada’s team – Li & Fung B. Good start. Make the Question, issue tree and proposal language crisper. Objective Good to have a specific client named. Have you sent the EVP the proposal? Rethink your question. One possibility is – “How to increase sales through efficiently sharing sourcing knowledge across different customer teams?” Scope This is an important piece of work, so limit scope to deliver an excellent result. I expect you can limit to existing customers. Maybe narrow down to one product line (type of items) within LF1, which can trial changes before rolling out across the whole dept. You seem to have 2 big choices on scope: A broader question: - “How can L&F increase sales through improving the efficiency of the sales process?” OR A narrower question: - “How can L&F increase sales through efficiently sharing sourcing knowledge across different customer teams?” Which will you pick? Discuss further with me if in doubt. Analysis - Why have existing knowledge-sharing attempts failed? Need to go beyond the obvious – what are fundamental causes? Use systems thinking. - Analyse items – which are duplicated across teams? How frequently/in what volume? How much time could really be saved – or would the knowledge rapidly go out of date. - Map the full process from sales lead through to when the promotion is in the customers hands (or even after sales service after this?) - Organisational mapping – who Decides, who Consults, who provides Information etc. - Look at best practice in other companies – e.g. people double-hatting as Centre of excellence in different lines, don’t get blinkered by IT solutions. - Will need at least 1 interview with a customer to see how the current sales process matches their needs. Deliverable Promising a skeleton database seems to be pre-judging the answer. I would not promise this at this stage. Issue Tree This doesn’t really work. If you go with the sales process question, perhaps break into process chunks: - Before the customer brief - Preparing a proposal for the customer - Responding to customer changes - Closing the sale - Delivering the promotion/gift Alternative cut could be an organization framework – e.g. 7S

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