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Proposal for Maxclean

Revised proposal - Sep 18
Detailed workplan - Sep 18
Revised Issue tree - Sept 18

Interview schedule as of Sep 25
Dummy pack - Oct 1
Chris 07-10-09 Feedback on dummy pack
B+. Good work - focus on really understanding distribution of these products in the US, so you can recommend direct vs distribution with confidence.

Dummy pack (updated as of Oct 9)

Dummy pack (updated as of Oct 16)

Chris: 30-9-09 Feedback on interview schedule
Looks good. Missing who is conducting the interview - try to have 2 people on each call.
Am missing an end-user in the US (potential or existing). You need to hear from them whether they prefer to buy through distributor or direct.

FINAL PROPOSAL as of Oct 23, 09 (Office 07 version)
FINAL PROPOSAL as of Oct 23, 09 (PDF version)

Feedback on proposal:

Alan’s team – Maxclean US sales

B+. Good job. Redo tree for your narrower question.

Fine. Understand not setting a target before you know more. Expect you are aiming for a major change – at least from $9m to $13m. On what time frame?

Do not exclude approaching customer directly. It may be that you may find that direct selling is OK, you have just been doing it the wrong way.

Diagnose current barriers to sales.
Quantify total market. Segment into like needs. Work out route to market for each
Interview US customers – user and non-user. Ask Samsung Korea about Samsung US.
Map US medical products distribution structure – who sells what to who?
Interview potential US distributors
Model the economics of these distributors. Why should they switch from current supplier?
Porters 5 forces and SWOT might work in early stages for you to understand the industry – unlikely to feature in final recommendation.
Need a sales/profit model for Maxclean in order to quantify recommendations.

Issue tree
Cut off everything out of scope and change the root question – e.g. product development branches
Check tree is complete and independent – e.g. increasing brand awareness is a way to increase sales by finding new customers, it is not independent.
Consider cut based on 4Ps
Consider cut based on customer decision-making – awareness, interest, trial, main supplier


Useful sites: www.maxcleangroup.com