Final Report
Updated Dummy Pack 10.17.2009

Dummy Pack
Chris 07-10-09 Feedback on dummy pack
B+. Good work - focus in on your recommendations, make them solid (e.g. how big is corporate?) and explain how so that Zen will take action.

Interview Schedule
Chris: 30-9-09 No interview schedule seen = no feedback

Work plan

Issue Tree

Project Proposal


B+. Good job. Bring more branding/customer perspective to your analysis – think of marketing broadly.

Expand to increase sales and profits as a minimum. Marketing already includes advertising. As simple as you can be!
Just check - do you want to limit to marketing/advertising initiatives, or give yourself the possibility of modifying the service/offer too?
Don’t forget in-store marketing/communication – table cards, menus, specials etc
Can you change price?
Calculate profitability of all historic activity
Analysis – spare capacity, over 24 hours, over 7 days, 12 months
Look at existing customer satisfaction, however Zen measures it
Interview other restaurant owners
Benchmark No.s vs a peer restaurant
The team will need to spend most Fridays and Saturday nights in LKF observing customer behaviour – do you have the stamina?
Dive into the branding. What does the brand stand for? What are the points of difference? How are they proved to customers? Emotional benefits?
Map out a “customer experience”, from first reading about the restaurant, booking a table, arriving at LKF, coming up the lobby, being welcomed, going to table, opening the menu etc etc. What do they see/feel at every stage? When are the key brand messages being communicated? When are they going to be “wowed”?
Issue Tree
Expand the word-of-mouth branch
Can you decide what point of difference to communicate?
Is increasing spend per head part of your remit? Pricing?
Consider a cut along customer decision-making process: awareness, interest, trial, regular, advocate
Include the brand message, as well as media

Workplan very impressive. All dates the 30th September does reduce credibility however.


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