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17 Oct 2009

10 Oct 2009:

26 Sep 2009:

3 Oct 2009:

Chris 07-10-09
A-. Well done! You are well on track to helping your client. Try ystery shopper and ideas from other dessert stores.

Chris 30-9-09 Feedback on interview schedule.
Expand from just 2 interviews. Add:
1) Interview shop staff other than the owners/partners. They know what customers say, and may have good ideas!
2) Try to interview another desserts shop owner in another part of Hong Kong. Irelands Potato is good, another dessertsshop would be even better.

Susanne’s team – Dessert Paradise

B+. Good job. Work on expanding recruiting new customers branch - will make analysis possible.

Good specific short term target.

Might mention investment – with no capital injection, that is the maximum cashflow you can invest to drive business?

Look at stores immediately surrounding. Who are walk-in traffic vs destination traffic?
Competitive analysis? Who else provides desserts?
Mystery patron with a checklist is a good idea
Analysis of sales seasonality – evidence that product range should be changed in winter?
Broaden interviews. Interview the two owners separately. Interview a successful restaurant owner/manager in same location (same customer base). Interview a successful dessert restaurant owner/manager that is non-competitive – e.g. far away
Survey is long leadtime – make sure you act early.
Do quick & dirty breakeven analysis (like for the Hallstead Jewellers case) on the costs to see if the costs can get anywhere. Benchmark %s to a similar store if you can.
Look at “store experience” not just products on offer.

Issue Tree
Expand the top branch more – increasing number of customers, since part of the solution will almost certainly lie here. Call it “Recruiting new customers” since you have existing customers covered elsewhere. Expand your endpoints more. E.g. “How to increase sales by increasing number of customers in existing target segment “residents” could break into product changes (range, quality, taste), service changes, new channels (delivery?), new promotion, partnerships
Consider looking at a cut along customer decision-making: Awareness, Interest, Trial, Occasional, Regular, Advocate.


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