Chris 07-10-09 Feedback on dummy pack
B+. Good dummy pack. What is going on in students heads? What 1-2 actions can the university take to release reinforcing loops?

Chris 30-9-09 Feedback on interview schedule - I don't have it and it isn't listed here. So no feedback.


Erika’s team – Vanderbilt Exchange Programme

B. Good start. The more action-orientated objective should open up new ideas for you.
Who in Vanderbilt will act on this recommendation? Who are you sending the proposal to? Name Cindy if it her – but some of your recommendation may require your Dean’s action.
Be more action/results orientated. How can Vanderbilt increase participation in the exchange programme from 2% of MBA students to 10% in 2010?
Are you limiting to the exchange programme (I’d recommend this) or expanding it to the others e.g. project pyramid)?
Map out the current process to spot improvements
In addition to the survey, do some in-depth interviews to get to the emotional resistance underlying the rational answers you will get in the survey.
Benchmarking – how do schools that have very high participation in exchange (e.g. UST) achieve that?
Issue tree
Many be better cuts that formal/informal to start with – bring this in later
Consider a cut with different stages – awareness, interest, application, exchange, telling everyone how great it was afterwards
Consider the exchange program like a product launch – analyse different customer segments, consider 4Ps, what are different benefits, map to student needs etc.
Increasing options and increasing support are not complete. Increasing quality of experience for instance?