Chris 07-10-09 Feedback on dummy pack.
B. Neat pack, but you can challenge yourself more. Get customer point of view on the sales process, be more creative in analysis.

Chris: 30-9-09 Feedback on interview schedule: Good in intent, but you should have customer and competitor interviewees named and nailed by now - they are long leadtime items.

Fabrizio’s team: Ardex sales

B. Good start. Redo with the wider scope.

How can Ardex increase sales and profits in Hong Kong through changes to its sales organization?

You have been very clear in what you rule out – I fear you have sliced your project down to something to insubstantial. Revisit.
Define “organization” broadly – Sales Processes, resource allocation (=allocation of salesmens time and talent across customers), salesforce Skills, bonus system, management style, values, systems support. Formal and informal communication. Recruiting. Saleperson performance management. Team vs individual star.

They need to have a sales strategy first before you can align the sales organization to it.
(e.g. what customers, products and services are they pushing?) If this is not explicit enough, you will need to define it in interviews up front.

Need market share by customer. In which customers are you winning or losing market share? Is market share changing because of a change in mix (premium/cheap products) or competitor activities?
Need to interview 2-3 customers – only they can tell you whether they put more value on product expertise or knowledge of their business, and how the sales process could be improved in their eyes.
Map existing organization in detail – who makes what decision, who advises, who provides information etc etc
Analyse – where are salespeople currently spending their time (e.g. ask them to keep a diary for a week) how does it compare to company priorities? How could it be more effiecient?
Look at best practice – search web/HBR for salesforce organization methodologies

Issue tree
Current one lame. Recut with wider scope. And phrase as questions not solutions

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