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As we have exam 14:00-18:00 today, 23rd Oct,
it is possible that we will be bit late for the class.

Chris: 07-10-09 Feedback on dummy pack
B-. You still have time to deliver something useful. With a deep understanding of why students aren't taking initiative, you can identify the 1-2 actions that will make a difference

Chris: Interview schedules look good. Try to expand from your own networks.


A Letter from Client (update)

RE: Project Proposal - consulting skills for management
"Adolf Ho" <>
Tue, September 22, 2009 9:20 am

I think it is a good plan.

I have the following suggestions

1, the background is not thoroughly described. As per our discussion. Other
than the mismatch, and wrong aspirations, the CDO has undergone major
transformation from service to training mode. The CDO has also went through
a major research, which led to a set of new missions. The missions has
translated into new training programs for the 2010 class.
I think part of your project should focus on bridging the expectations of
(do get my presentation material from Cary and read through the research
summary, and the CDO mission)

2, The research uncovered gaps that the recruiter felt is missing from the
UST MBA, and this project should perhaps focus on identifying plans to
narrow the gaps

2, The stated objective "to identify programs that the Career Development
Office can develop for the 2010 full-time MBA graduating class to ensure
employment within 3 months after graduation" is a good measure, but not
controllable. As stated, the CDO dies not create jobs and the objective may
further reinforce the concept that CDO provide jobs. We need to be clear on
this issue.

I suggest that you take a deeper look at the issue on hand, I think you can
develop higher level of insight, and think through the potential focus of
the solutions. Otherwise, the proposal does not have a specific focus, and
may turn out to duplicate, instead of adding value to our current mission.

I suggest you talk to Chris Doran, who may help you on the thought process.


will update tmr.

Maggie’s team – UST career services

B-- Lightweight. With a non-commercial client, you will have to raise your own standards – your client won’t do it for you! Look at the other teams’ proposals, revise your proposal fully, come back to me if you want more help.

Are you working for recruiters or students? We discussed a different question in class, and hopefully have ideas on how to do it better. For example:
“How can the Careers Office help students land good jobs?”
This focuses on the final outcome we want – good jobs and the Careers office must take action – even if their action is to spur the students to take responsibility. Will include all solutions that include students taking more responsibility, keeping Adolf happy.
Name the client – Adolf Ho

Why exclude attracting new recruiters - what if that is a big part of the solution?
Exclude changes to the curriculum from scope – too broad

Lots of surveys existing from students and recruiters – no need to do your own.
Suggest you do interviews with alumni and recruiters in depth
Map out all current services provided to students
What skills are needed in a job hunt? Consider skill/will issue
What do other MBA schools do?
Map student placements against top Hong Kong/Asia employers. Where have UST penetrated? What are the big gaps?

Issue tree
Redo fully with new question
Good split – action impacting recruiters; action impacting students
May want to exclude before intake
Drop unethical branch
Try a cut based on student job search process:
· Self awareness
· Exploration of alternatives
· Deciding targets
· Approaching targets
· Interviews
· Closing


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